Why virtual events?

The ability to communicate, engage and interact effectively is at the heart of business. Corporate events hold a fundamental role in facilitating the sharing of key messages, the delivery of training and the progression of business opportunities, but the current global crisis has led organizations from across the globe to consider alternative means of event delivery. For the last few years, here at KTS we’ve been helping clients develop how they hold events virtually, primarily to help with sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, but also to increase reach, and always with a keen eye on effectiveness. Today, these approaches may be just what you need to keep your business thriving, as a virtual event platform provides all of the core elements of a physical event, and more. How often do we have the opportunity to reach a global audience simultaneously in their homes, with minimal impact on their time and no travel considerations? Not to mention the added benefit of having all event content available on demand for up to 30 days post event, and longer if required, maximising audience engagement.

KTS Virtual
KTS Virtual

Unlike physical events, there’s no need to dedicate time to reviewing venue options, as a virtual platform allows the creation of environments in which you will want to engage with your audience, by using real life imagery, photography or graphics developed by our designers, to suit your specification and in accordance with your brand guidelines. The package cost is defined at the outset of the project, based on your event brief, so there are no surprise post-event charges or bar bills to consider.

KTS Virtual
Kts virtual

The virtual environment

We’ve used our extensive knowledge and experience of the live events industry to create a virtual platform that provides a simple user interface, reflective of a physical event, but with many added benefits. Our platform is accessible via mobile phone, tablet and laptop devices. To allow us to build your virtual environment, we’ll need a detailed understanding of your event agenda, the audience you’ll be engaging with and what you want to achieve.

 It’s this information that will allow us to create your perfect event space, from the overall look and feel of it, to the number of meeting rooms provided and the functionality supplied within each. Your dedicated KTS event manager will either assist you in converting what has traditionally been a physical event into a virtual one, or will instead create an environment to support a brand new requirement. And we’ll be present to assist you every step of the way, from ensuring you know all you need to in respect of reporting capabilities, accepted media formats, links, schedules, scalability, video and audio capabilities, security, email communication and languages, so that we can integrate all necessary, to joining the ‘live’ event

Spaces available include a networking area, an auditorium, meeting rooms, exhibition stands, a resource hub and a help desk. And functionality includes live group and 1-1 chat, meeting appointment system video chat, private Q&As, an audio room ideal for live podcasts, live streaming, video playback, the swapping of business cards, participation within live polls, social media integration and an ‘event bag’ for downloading content into.

Networking area

The pre-function area at physical events.

An opportunity for your audience to engage with one another in live group and 1-1 chat and video chat booths, exchange business cards and participate in topical discussions (panel discussions, discussion boards, polls and surveys).


With capacity for up to 1000 attendees, the plenary room can host its own agenda with multiple speakers across the event.

‘One to many’ video presentation, or ‘multiple presenter to many’ audio presentation or up to four video presenters possible with an audience size capped at 500.

Audience polls, live chat, private Q&A, downloads, Twitter feed.

Meeting rooms

These can be, but are not limited to being, boardrooms, breakout rooms, round tables a discussion and evening activity areas.

Accommodating up to 100 attendees in each.

Up to ten attendees on live video chat and an additional 25 attendees on live audio feed, per room.

Screen share, whiteboard, YouTube and Vimeo video push, polls and surveys, live chat.

Exhibition stands

Diary management system.

1-1 live video chats simultaneously over the ten stands, allowing a total of 20 participants to speak at one time. Text and audio chat also available.

Audio room ideal for live podcasts, video capability and live stream presentations into the booth.

Resource hub

Support materials store, from where attendees can take away whitepapers, session and stand content, etc. in their ‘event bags’.

Help desk

Manned throughout the live event to support your attendees, as required.

‘Contact us’ facility for when the area is unattended.

How attendees participate

All event attendees will need to register to enter the virtual space, which will generate their unique digital footprint that’s used for data capture and recording analytics. KTS can support this by providing a dedicated registration site linked directly to the platform, or if you’d prefer to manage this separately, or already have a set of pre-determined attendees, we’ll upload your CSV file to the virtual platform and generate bespoke log-in details. In doing so, we’ll work with you to ensure full compliance with GDPR.

Each attendee will have a ‘unique visitor profile’ within which they may upload and display information about themselves, including social media feeds.

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