Producing Vibrant Conferences

Vibrant Conferences

We deliver vibrant conferences that are a reflection of our clients’ brands, values and people. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders, getting under the skin of each brand to fully understand the objectives and help shape and evolve key messages, providing the right environment for them to be heard, felt and ultimately retained.

Engaging and visually stimulating content is at the heart of it all, supported by cutting edge set and stage designs engineered to really connect presenters to their audience.

Interactivity is so important to gain real audience engagement, that we utilise the latest digital and event technology to maximise audience participation – from highly evolved and personalised digital registration systems, conference websites and apps, voting and polling systems, to web-streaming for remote workers and pre/post-event gamification activations.

Professional Event Management Services

From an operational perspective we also manage every moving part of the project – often including our clients’ brand partners and valued sponsors – each with their own objectives and expectations to be woven into the fabric of the event to support our clients’ visions.

Guests receive the same level of attentive support during their pre-event journey through to their welcome and hosting on-site.

We deliver week-long conference programmes for the world’s leading technology brands throughout the EMEA region.

Typically including an exhibition element, deep learning sessions, live product demonstrations and social elements such as excursions and dinners, we manage all elements of these extensive activations end-to-end.

We also manage highly established, paid attendance conferences globally with a large partner and family attendance where soft networking and the balance of business and leisure sessions is a strong focus.

Our automotive client pedigree has seen us deliver annual conferences for the world’s fastest and most luxurious car brands where the luxury landscape is brought to life within every single touch-point.

For our banking clients we have managed high-profile delegates such as Central Bank Governors and Ministers of Finance from across the globe, with a lead role in security and contingency planning in high-risk locations.

Blending Technology and Digital Solutions