Game Changing Product Launches

Game Changing Product Launches

Bringing a new product to market is a highly strategic exercise. As the old saying goes – you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so with our game changing product launches, we can provide your company the chance to make the vital first impression to your customers and clients.

The impact made upon launch is a unique opportunity to disrupt the existing landscape, challenge perceptions and affirm both brand and new product positioning. This opportunity allows brands to be bolder, to break away from what has been and pave the way for what will be.

If designed, orchestrated and communicated effectively, the launch provides the platform for any product to not only thrive, but to change the game entirely.

Product Marketing Branding

Since our establishment in 2004 our team have launched a wide array of products to a diverse range of audiences. Whether a tangible product, such as an automotive new model launch, or something intangible like a financial product on behalf of one of our banking clients, our approach to setting and achieving the strategic objectives remains the focus.

We’ve launched new product to every conceivable audience, including employees, the media, retail partners, end consumers and OEMs.

We launched two new, two very different supercars for the same performance automotive client on stage to their global retailer audience at a prestigious UK venue. With both models under strict embargo security requirements, this meant bringing the cars into the venue under the cover of nightfall, fully shrouded and with the highest security.

As is often the case, our access to the product was for a very limited time span, so the secure and shrouded removal of the cars was as swift and seamless as their arrival. The two models posed two very different opportunities to the retailer audience and required vastly different approaches in terms of sales education and customer profiling / relationship management.

One had the potential (now realised) to open up a whole new customer demographic to the audience, an enormously lucrative proposition that was anticipated to be met with some trepidation due to the focus markets and exotic specialisms of the retailer audience at that time.

Both models were unveiled on stage with their own, totally unique launch sequences and creative reveal content – supported by wider advertising collateral that really pushed the boundaries which had previously confined the brand.

The creative content and messaging supporting each model launch could not have been more different, our challenge was to launch both cars back-to-back in the same physical environment while encapsulating the polar opposite spirits of both models.

The presentation content which followed – delivered by a range of top designers and executives from the brand, was carefully orchestrated to ease potential anxiety into the new markets ahead and deliver home the resounding message of brand support on offer to capitalise on the exciting new sales opportunity, with market specific tools and resources launched in tandem with the new model production.

This high net worth audience of retailer owners left for their global locations energised, excited and educated on the exhilarating journey that lay ahead as a result of their partnership with this iconic and progressive supercar brand.