Epic Adventures and Group Travel

Epic Adventures and Group Travel

Group travel provides people with access to experiences they could or would not achieve as solo travellers. The results of these experiences can have a hugely powerful effect on brand and employee advocacy.

The human psyche still places higher value on the personal experience than on financial reward. The staggering difference in the long-term effects of rewarding someone with a positive experience over a financial reward is well documented, even when the experience itself came at a lesser financial cost to the brand than the bonus or payment.

Creating an experience is creating a memory. Something that gets woven into people’s personas and becomes part of their everyday narrative when communicating with others, in a way that mere money can’t compete with.

Group Travel and Incentive Services

Our group travel and incentive programmes are thoughtfully tailored to each group and client, bespoke in design and exploring some of the most unusual, special and memorable destinations and locations in the world.

“Money-can’t-buy” is an over-used term for these types of adventures. We have created such experiences for ultra-high-net-worth individuals who have financial access to pretty much everything – so creating a “money-can’t-buy” experience at this level becomes something much more sophisticated and complex.

It’s about access to brands, genuine exclusivity and the enhanced ability to surprise and delight those with the highest expectations.

From safaris and waterfall trekking to whale shark tagging in South Africa, zip-lining through the Malaysian jungle, off-roading in Bhutan to gazing up at the Northern Lights from a private dog sled, we deliver stellar experiences that truly last a lifetime and yield results for our clients.