Blending Technology and Digital Solutions

Blending Technology and Digital Solutions

Technology advances at an incredible pace and ever more so in the world of live events and brand engagement. Technology has the power to enhance the human experience in so many ways and we provide our clients with guidance on the most relevant and impactful applications of new technologies in their campaigns.

Our focus is on securing real value from the innovative use of new technology and digital techniques within the wider experiential space. Such digital activations need to be intelligent, there must be a tangible value add for the brand and something fresh about the experience.

The use of digital solutions has added a wonderful dimension to our work and to the communications world as a whole, from the simple use of interactive voting and polling systems through to creating entirely bespoke and immersive “worlds” using the most cutting edge techniques in augmented reality and holographic projection.

Advancements in artificial intelligence also allow for the highest degree of experience personalisation, tailoring the journey for each customer – whether they’re interacting with our clients’ brands on an exhibition stand, at a conference or via their smart device from their own home.

We invest heavily in our exposure and capabilities with new technologies and are passionate about the activations we deliver for our pioneering clients in this space.

Technology Solutions

We’ve used blended reality to conduct product training for the largest private water company in the world, bringing to life large scale, physical products in small spaces and allowing guests to get inside each element and dissect its capability, without losing their ability to interact with the real world around them.

We’ve also conducted vehicle handovers for large groups using just a handful of static cars and cutting edge virtual reality content, to fully immerse the recipient in the functionality, features and excitement of their particular new vehicle and receive the same personal level of interaction with a qualified trainer and instructor, sitting next to them in the driver’s seat, within the virtual reality landscape.

We’ve provided choreographed lightshows for some of the world’s biggest DJ’s, designed and installed digital activations for some of the world’s leading technology brands and created environments for them to showcase and demonstrate live their own product capabilities in.